Vetiver Projects



Our Nursery

Our Nursery and our dedicated team processing & packaging Vetiver plants

February 2017-before

Supplied & installed Vetiver Grass to stabilise the barrier on the riverbank

March 2020-after

Riverbank has now stabilised and has backfilled the barrier

July 2018

Planting of Vetiver grass for bank stabilisation on a waterfront property in Yamba

Before below   and  to the right after

November 2018

Vetiver grass was planted to stabilise the bank erosion and to stop the shed from falling into the estuary below

November 2019

We supplied Vetiver flowers and roots for the display at Clarins Sydney training school as Vetiver oil is now being used as a base product in perfume and cologne

January 2020

Vetiver grass was planted to control and stabilise the 3 tier garden bed at a residential property in Maclean

March 2020

We attended the “Bellingen Plant Fair” to promote the many amazing properties & uses of the wonder grass “Vetiver”